Using LithoProof with Positive Film

Do you know that you can use LithoProof™ to proof positive film?

Here is how that is done:

  • For proofing positive film, you must have either a clearing filter on your exposing system or a sheet of W-2 mylar.
  • Place proofing paper in vacuum frame.
  • Place positive to be proofed on top of proofing paper, turn on vacuum and place W-2 mylar over the positive (if you don’t have a clearing filter).
  • Expose with bright light to clear the background (exposure will vary with different light sources).
  • Remove W-2 mylar (if necessary) and remove film positive.
  • Expose LithoProof paper with UV light; no vacuum is necessary (again, exposure will vary with different light sources).
  • This will give you a positive image on your LithoProof paper.

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