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from Lithco Millennium II Edition Retail Catalog

Tools3T301Link No Longer Available
Tools7T701Magnifier Selection Chart
Tools12T121Reticles for your SKS 10X Pocket Comparator 
Tools17T171Detailed specifications on the Spectrocam
Tools17T172Application of the QIP Glossmeter in the Graphic Arts
Tools30T301Compare basis weights for various paper finishes 
Digital35D351Link No Longer Available
Prepress45P451Selecting the proper Encapsulite Safelight Sleeve
Prepress56P561Complete Base-Line Product Listing 
Prepress56P562Link No Longer Available
Chemicals64Link No Longer Available
Pressroom72P721Request your H.S. Boyd Guide to Perforating
Pressroom74P741 Choosing Jomac dampening covers for your Heidelberg
Pressroom75P751Base-Line CTP Addition and Deletion Pens compatibility chart
Pressroom82P821Using Oakton Meters to troubleshoot fountain solution problems 
Pressroom86P861Pressroom and Bindery applications for Impress
Bindery96B961The causes of Drill Bit breakage
Bindery101B1011Link No Longer Available
Bindery102B1021Link No Longer Available
Miscellaneous114M1141Tork Wipe packaging and recommended product usage
Inside Back Cover1211211Find out more about the PPP System 
  • PlateStrips™

    Offers users of disposable printing plates the luxury of running tight register multi-color work without the added cost of film, stripping and metal plates. PlateStrips™ turns your disposable plates into metal…and gold for you! PlateStrips™ solve a real problem. Most printers are familiar with the problems associated with disposable printing plates. Paper and polyester plates…

  • Myron L Company pH and Conductivity Meters

    The Myron L Company has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water quality control instruments. Their product philosophy of Accuracy, Reliability and Simplicity has established the Myron L meters as one of the standards of the printing industry. Combination pH/Conductivity meters make fountain solution monitoring a quick, one-step procedure.

  • Varn International Pressroom Chemistry

    Varn Products is the number one name in pressroom chemistry today. Featuring ecologically formulated washes and fountain chemistry, Varn chemicals will enable you to meet new EPA regulations without sacrificing quality or drying speed.

  • Nacco Photo and Plate Chemistry

    Nacco Chemicals manufactures premium quality photographic and plate developing chemicals at an economical price. Whether you are tray developing, using an imagesetter or running Silvermaster™ plates, Nacco can save you money while improving your quality.

  • Ihara Densitometers

    Utilize advanced microcomputer technology to ensure superior performance and reliability for its entire line of densitometric products. Included within the line are B&W Reflection Densitometers, B&W Transmission Densitometers, Color Reflection Densitometers, Plate Densitometers, Combination B&W Reflection/Transmission Densitometers and Spectrophotometers. The microcomputer technology allows all reflection densitometers to feature quick calibration, menu driven commands and multi-lingual,…

  • LithoProof™ Blue Proofing Paper

    Proof-It is currently available in Semi-Matte, Glossy, Matte, Heavyweight Matte, Publication Grade, Commercial Grade and Image Transfer for all models of Epson 3000 and 5000, Hewlet-Packard Design Jet and Encad Novajet. Make your Bluelines for less! Introducing LithoProof instant image blue proofing material. Now there is an economical and quality alternative to duPont Dylux®. LithoProof…