T171: Spectrocam Functions

SpectrocolorimeterReflectance range: 0 to 160%; Typical measuring time: 0.4 sec.; Short term repeatability on white: Typical 0.1 ÆE; Instrument accuracy: Target 0.2 ÆE Avg. 12 BCRA tiles
SpectrodensitometerDensity range: -0.200 to 3.00; Typical measuring time: 0.4 sec.; Short term repeatability on white: Typical 0.002 (max. 0.004); Linearity: Typical 0.003 (max. 0.005) at D=0.500
Monitor CalibratorRange 0 to 100%; Measuring aperture: 6 mm; Typical calibration time: 30 seconds for 30 colors; Screen synchronization: 50 to 250 Hz; Resolution: 0.03%; Noise: Typical 0.1%
Spectral CameraField of view: = 10¡; Shutter speed: 1/2000 to 1 second; Data transmission rate: Up to 35 spectral images per second
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